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Our Goals:

  • To advance the field of surgery and trauma by maintaining high
    standard of clinical research
  • Facilitate translational research from bench to bedside
  • To promote and achieve the highest quality of clinical trials within the
    department of surgery with the collaboration of other
    departments/centers to uncover new and effective treatment methods
    of wide range of diseases in the field of surgery and trauma
  • To provide regulatory and administrative services
  • To provide inpatient and outpatient coordination of all phases of
    clinical trials
  • Assist the faculty of Department of Surgery and provide expertise for
    investigator initiated projects
  • Assist in designing clinical studies and provide guidance in statistical
  • Monitor and Improve clinical research compliance
  • Provide investigator training and educational opportunities
CROST in a Nutshell:
The Clinical Research Office for Surgery and Trauma (CROST)
is a clinical research center within the Department of Surgery
at University of Pittsburgh designated to carry out all aspects of
clinical research studies including multi-center trials.

Our mission is to conduct or facilitate effective, safe and
reliable therapeutic, pharmaceutical, and medical device
research to advance clinical science and to prevent or treat
diseases related to trauma, critical care and general surgery.  

CROST serves as the department of surgery's infrastructure
that encourages and supports the department's physician
scientists by serving as an interface between clinical
investigators and sponsors of clinical trials and related
Our services based on the following essentials:

Structured knowledge base
State of the art facilities
Cutting edge expertise
Dedicated staff
Protocol design and development
Pharmacokinetic/Bioavailability studies
Wide range collaboration and affiliation
Large and balanced population of volunteers and patients
University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Research Office for Surgery and Trauma